From The Twitterverse to the Trenches

The Greater Baltimore Chapter of NCMA hosted Russ Blaine, VP, IDIQ Mgt., Wyle-Aerospace Division & NCMA National President-elect on 1/24 at the Hilton.  Russ began the discussion with a question he posed to the crowd. “What do you do as contracts professionals?” Many responses were shared by attendees, and then Russ interjected that it is about “managing business relationships.”  Russ explained that managers and leaders must learn how to teach. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. If you don‟t know their strengths, get to know them. The future of Contracts Managers is in each and every one of our hands.  Russ said we need to share knowledge amongst each other. Transfer knowledge, and lessons learned from the past to improve the future. Rather than discussing a topic that is irrelevant to your job function, instead, explain the newest mod you received and the difficulties you foresee based on T‟s and C‟s.

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